A transformative shift is underway to increase patient agency in heart failure research. It can be facilitated by increasing the engagement of people with lived experience in all stages of research, from conception to design, to dissemination and collaborative action.

To catalyze this shift, TRANSFORM HF hosted a 90-minute online workshop to introduce principles and practices to engage people with lived experience in research, as well as provide real-life case studies of successful patient and caregiver engagement in heart failure research from within the TRANSFORM HF network.

This recorded workshop will help viewers to:

  • Understand the history and evidence for patient engagement and partnership in research,
  • Learn principles and best practices for high-quality engagement,
  • Learn of applications in heart failure research and in our current Canadian research landscape,
  • Consider how to apply or improve patient engagement


Join Dr. Julia Abelson (Professor in the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact at McMaster University; lead of the Public and Patient Engagement Collaborative), Sheila Gariepy (Patient Partner), and Anne Simard (Director of Strategy and Translation for TRANSFORM HF; Staff Scientist at University Health Network/Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research) in an exploration of patient engagement!