About Us

Empowering collaboration and patient-driven equitable care

Launched in 2020 and gaining altitude, TRANSFORM HF is an Institutional Strategic Initiative created in joint support and partnership with the University of Toronto and the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research.

The ultimate goal is to change the lived experience of heart failure care.

Our Story

All of this requires COMMUNITY.

In February 2021, more than 50 of Canada’s top heart failure researchers and clinicians, as well as patients, met virtually to collectively plan how to transform care. Significant inequities persist in access to quality heart failure care, patient outcomes, and available treatments in communities across Canada. This is due to geography, systemic racism, determinants of health, health system and care model design and policy choices. For Indigenous people in remote and even urban settings, there is a particularly urgent need to provide equitable access to high-quality care.

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Equitable care anytime, anywhere: powered by technology

Technology is transformation. Biosensors, remote monitoring, point-of-care testing and digital health enable care that is personalized, adapted and local. By involving decision-makers, communities and patients in the research and technology design we ground new tools and treatments in lived experience. Patients have agency and choice in their care while minimizing disruption in their lifestyle.

Technology bridges distance and, ideally, gaps in expert heart failure, primarily centralized in large cities and research centres. Those in rural or remote communities must travel for treatment and aftercare and even those near  urban centres need support between epidodes of care. Heart failure is a time-critical disease for which delayed or unavailable treatment worsens outcomes. TRANSFORM HF catalyzes technology development, training and innovative solutions to close these gaps – of distance, of understanding and recognition, of access, and of quality.

Our Vision

TRANSFORM HF unites a diverse team of experts in technology innovation and implementation, basic science, heart failure medicine, data analytics and artificial intelligence, health technology assessment, Indigenous health and engagement of people with lived experience.

Our growing network will confront our grand challenge to create both a translational pipeline of innovative approaches and an interdisciplinary community committed to implementing collaborative new solutions respectful to all Canadians.

Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research Labs

Our vision:
Digital technologies for equitable access to personalized HF care

Our Goals

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Translate new technologies and innovations into clinical practice, empowering patients to recover and live at home, supported by advances in biosensors, microtechnologies, and artificial intelligence that continuously monitor vital signs and response to treatments. Machine learning algorithms will analyze patient data to spot problems early to enable timely proactive interventions.

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Implement new models of heart failure care grounded in technological innovation, clinical expertise, Indigenous ways of knowing and patient experience to dissolve barriers to equitable care.

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Forge collaborations and training programs that span disciplines and sectors, leveraging new and existing resources to ensure sustainability and drive global leadership.

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Foster expertise and capacity in sensor technologies, cardiovascular research and data science that respect Indigenous knowledge and the right to self-determination to be actively involved in developing and determining health and health care delivery.